Property & General Liability

What is Property and General Liability Insurance?

Property and general liability insurance are policies for business owners and homeowners. For a homeowner, general liability can help if someone is injured on the homeowner�s property. And for a business owner, general liability can help if a customer is injured on business property. And property insurance covers the actual home or place of business.

General Liability

If a person is injured on your personal property or business property, you are potentially liable for their damages. This can result in a lawsuit in which you must go to court or settle out of court. With liability insurance, you’ll get help paying for related expenses.

Employment practices liability insurance, errors and omissions insurance, and worker’s compensation insurance and are also considered as types of general liability coverage.

Property Insurance

For a business owner, property insurance can cover things such as business equipment, inventory, and supplies. Covered events generally include damage from natural disasters, fires, vandalism, and theft. You may also have the option of receiving compensation for lost income resulting from a covered event.

For a homeowner, this insurance provides financial support for incidents that damage your home. Natural disasters and vandalism are examples of covered events. You should read your policy to see which events are covered by the policy.

Benefits of Coverage

Property and general liability insurance helps save money. You’ll get help paying for certain events that you’d otherwise pay for out of pocket. And if you have a business, you’ll get financial help to keep your business afloat following a mishap. In short, you’ll get help paying for legal costs and related expenses.

Property insurance and general liability insurance aren’t the same thing. But they do work well together to provide a good security net.