Golf Kart Insurance

Why You Need Golf Cart Insurance

Golf carts are no longer confined to the golf course. You can find golf carts being used for transportation at hospitals, airports, and on regular paved roads. But just like any other vehicle, a golf cart should have insurance coverage.

The Newness of Golf Cart Insurance

Golf cart insurance is relatively new in the field of insurance. There’s not a standard that all insurers follow. That means that coverage varies widely based on the insurer. This is why it’s important to understand what any policy entails. You’ll likely find that no two insurers offer the exact same options.

How Does Coverage Work

Some insurers offer specialized policies for golf cart owners. There are several options, but liability is usually offered in all cases. This will help you pay for damages or injuries that you cause to someone else. Golf carts are small, but they can cause injuries and property damage the same as any other vehicle.

Golf Cart Restrictions

States such as Arizona allow golf carts to be driven on public roads. This mean the golf cart must have insurance. But states such as Alabama restrict golf carts to off-road use only. State differences such as these means your location will affect your golf cart insurance options.

If your state requires a minimum level of liability insurance, then that means any vehicle driven on public roads needs coverage. So if you’re allowed to drive a golf cart, that means it needs coverage as well.

Policies sometimes offer coverage for accidents involving insured and uninsured motorists. A policy might also cover medical bills caused from golf cart accidents. Then you can possibly get coverage for golf cart loss due to vandalism, theft, or collision.


A golf cart is a vehicle that needs insurance like any other vehicle. You could get into an accident, the cart could get damaged, stolen, or vandalized. Golf cart insurance helps you pay for some of the expenses related to golf cart related accidents or damages.